The following is the guide to install "" using the app store operated by Shopify.

Search for on the App Store or go to this link and click Add app to Install.


Then, proceed with OAuth authentication. Click Install app.


Then, you'll meet the site(refer to the image below). Click Start integration button.


To use, you need to create a account and your channel. This is a separate account from the Shopify admin account)
If you already have a account, please login instead of signing up.


After signing up, proceed to the next step. This page is shown to ask your permission on the agreement to the terms and conditions. Agree to the following factors and click Sign Up.


To link with Shopify, you need to create a channel. A channel is your workspace to manage all your customer inquires, and communicate with your teammates.
Enter the channel information you want to create.


The channel has been created. Let's move on to the next step!


When you have finished signing up and creating your channel, you have only one more step to complete the installation.
Click Install Script button.


The installation is now complete. If you see the following screen, the installation has been successfully completed.

Check if the chat button has been successfully installed on your website, and visit the desktop app to set up your chat operation settings.


All chats can be managed at the desktop app. You can also check them out through mobile app, both available in Android and iOS.