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What is an Event

What is an Event

An event is a thing that happens - especially one of importance - on your application or website. You can define any event that is specific to your business. If you are new to this concept, we recommend starting out with a single metric event and a few other events that allow to create funnel.

Why Event is important

Understanding users' behavior is a key to succeed your bussiness. Through Event feature we provide, you can optimize your product and maximize user experiences.

What is a property

A property is an extra information that describes an event. By looking at this information, you can analyze events in detail and make a right decision for your business.

A property is a typically key/value pair dictionary like following:

var properties = { 
  "userId": "1234", 
  "hasPurchaseA": true, 
  "lastVisitedAt": "2100-10-11"
var properties = [
  "userId": "1234", 
  "hasPurchaseA": true, 
  "lastVisitedAt": "2100-10-11"
NSDictionary *properties = @{
  @"lastVisitedAt": @"2100-10-11"
Map<String,Object> properties = new HashMap<>();
properties.put("userId", "1234");
properties.put("hasPurchaseA", true);
properties.put("lastVisitedAt", "2100-10-11");
Sample events in Channel DeskSample events in Channel Desk

Sample events in Channel Desk


To help you integrate our Event feature, we provide references for each platform:

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What is an Event

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