Input can get one-line string from user

  "id": "input-name", 
  "type": "input", 
  "label": "name",
  "placeholder": "Write his/her name in here", 
  "value": "Billo",
  "disabled": false
idstringinput-nameID of component. ID should be unique in snippet.true
typestringinputType of component. use input.true
labelstringnameText shown above input box.false
placeholderstringWrite his/her name in herePlaceholder text in input box.false
valuestringBilloDefault value in input boxfalse
errorstringLength of name should be lower than 50.Error text which will be displayed in red colorfalse
disabledbooleanfalseTo disable input box, set this field true. Default is falsefalse