Get a single Campaign User

Get a particular Campaign User object


Accessible via URL{campaignId}/campaign-users/{userId} and HTTP GET

ParameterExampleRequiredDescriptionParameter Type
campaignId1234RequiredID of Campaign objectPath
userId5ec3a01fe2b3f4d2cbc5RequiredID of User objectPath




Returns a Campaign User object along with related information

  "campaignUser": {
    "campaignId": "string",
    "userId": "string",
    "msgId": "string",
    "sent": 1656032146842,
    "view": 1656032146842,
    "goal": 1656032146842,
    "click": 1656032146842,
    "version": 0,
    "id": "string"

Implementation Note


Campaign User object is specified by a pair of campaignId and userId. userId field is ID of User object, not Campaign User object. Campaign User object doesn't have unique ID field.


The Campaign User is a target of the unify process. In other words, the Campaign User data will be unified if one is logged in afterwards.


The Campaign User objects who has been updated more than a year ago will not be retrieved.