Upcoming changes to Open API (23/12/15 ~)

We would like to inform you of changes to the Open API model schema as the BM reorganization is in progress as of December 15, 2023.

As of December 15th, the following fields will no longer be supported or will be replaced.


  • trialSystemUsed (to be deleted)
  • servicePlan (to be deleted)
  • features (to be deleted)
  • billingPeriod (to be deleted)
  • billingDay (to be deleted)
  • stopRenewal (to be deleted)
  • trialCouponId (to be deleted)
  • trialReservation (to be deleted)
  • mau (to be deleted)


  • operator (replaced by receiveUnassignedChatAlert field)
  • meetOperator (replaced by receiveUnassignedMeetAlert field)

If you are using related fields in the Channel Talk Open API, please correct the part that references the related fields by December 14 to ensure that there are no problems with use.