Glossary of terms

Channel button

The button to open messenger



The messenger is a space where a UI such as lounge and chats are shown.



The main screen you see first when the messenger is opened.



Desk is an all-in-one tool provided by A manager controls all functions of the SDK within a desk.


Push Notification

Push Notification sent from to the Web or Application. Types of push notifications include

In-App Push Notification

It is valid if the user using your app service or mobile web. It displays two types of views:

  • When a message notification is sent from the manager to user.
  • When receiving a bubble-type marketing message.

Remote Push Notification

it is valid when not using the app or mobile web. Only the screen shown below is displayed.

  • Message notification sent by the manager to the user.
  • When you receive a marketing message.


Boot is a preparation step which loads necessary informations to run SDK such as user and channel data. Fine configurations are also done while booting. Real-time chats, marketing, and event tracking features can be used after boot.

Member user

A user who can be identified is registered as a member user and distinguished by an ID specified on boot. identifies users by referring to their IDs. Users who cannot be identified are classified as anonymous users.


The member of the desk.
The manager can chat with the users through the desk.