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to 8.4.0


  • Change repository from jcenter to mavenCentral See more about jcenter closing
  • Change group name "" to "" (implementation '')

to v8

ChannelIO functions

  • boot use BootConfig except ChannelPluginSettings + Profile
  • boot use BootCallback except OnBootListener
  • show, hide is deprecated. Use showChannelButton, hideChannelButton
  • open, close is deprecated. Use showMessenger, hideMessenger
  • openChat with animate is deprecated.
  • canShowLauncher is deprecated.
  • setChannelPluginListener is deprecated. Use setListener
  • handlePushNotification is deprecated. Use openStoredPushNotification
  • showPushNotification is deprecated. Use receivePushNotification
  • updateProfile is depreacted. Use updateUser




  • PushEvent is deprecated. Use PopupData
  • User's package name is changed. Use

Migration v7 from post v7

  • ChannelPluginSettings.setUserId changes to ChannelPluginSettings.setMemberId
  • onClickRedirectUrl removed in ChannelPluginListener
  • CHLocale.DEVICE is removed. If you want to set device langauge, set to null

Updated 5 months ago


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