What is Page

This document provides insights into the concept of a "page."

What is Page?

A "Page" signifies the value that represents the information currently displayed on the screen. It is utilized to trigger specific event or to present a particular support bot.

Why use Page instead of the URL?

There are two primary limitations with URL:

  1. In a SPA(Single Page Application), the URL remains unchanged.
  2. Mobile applications do not have a URL.

Using the page over URL ensures that you're capturing the actual state of the current screen accurately.

What information does a Page represent by default?

The information varies based on platforms:

  • Web: Refer to the canonical URL
  • iOS: The name of the ViewController class
  • Android: The name of the Activity class

How can one modify the Page value?

Use the setPage and the resetPage functions.

For detailed instructions, consult the links below: