All Open APIs require authentication.

Getting credentials

On Channel Desk, go to Settings and API Key management, and then click on Create new credential. Give a name to your API credential and press okay.


Settings > API Key management > Create new credential


After successfully creating the credentials

That's it, you just created your first API credentials which contains a set of Access Key and Access Secret.

Test your API credentials

You can test the newly created credentials here. Simply insert two keys into the fields on top of the navigation bar and click Explore. You are now ready to explore all of our APIs! 👍


How to use API credentials

In order to use the Open API in your product, your HTTP request must contain Access Key and Access Secret values in x-access-key and x-access-secret field in your request header.

curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/json" -H "x-access-key: YOUR_ACCESS_KEY" -H "x-access-secret: YOUR_ACCESS_SECRET"