Button is an clickable component in snippet.

  "id": "submit-button",
	"type": "button", 
	"label": "Jump to example.com",
	"action": {
		"type": "url",
		"url": "http://example.com"
	"style": "primary"
idstringsubmit-buttonID of component. ID should be unique in snippet.true
typestringbuttonType of component. use buttontrue
"type": "submit",
"url": "https://example.com"
action.typestring"submit"Type of action. "submit", "url" allowed. if type is "submit", it collects all input data, and send information to your snippet server. If type is url, open new page when button is clicked.true
action.urlstringhttps://example.comURL to open pagetrue if type is url
stylestringprimaryStyle of button. "primary", "outline", "link" allowed. Default is "primary"false