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What is a page

What is a page?

Page is a value representing the current screen state.

Pages are used to send events and to view specific support bots.

Why use page instead of url?

There are two major drawbacks to url.

  1. SPA (Single page application)'s url is not changed.
  2. App does not have a url.

The url has a fixed form. Instead of using the screen information as a url, we created the concept of a page so that we were able to freely set screen information.

What information does the page have by default?

It varies from platform to platform.

Web: Canonical URL (What is canonical URL)

iOS / Android : Screen name (Activity, ViewController)

Can I change the page?

Of course. setPage, resetPage are ready for you.

If you call setPage, page is fixed to that value until resetPage is called.

If resetPage called, we use page as default value again.

See more about setPage, resetPage

Javascript setPage, resetPage
Mobile setPage, resetPage

Updated 5 months ago

What is a page

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